Member of The Accidental Writers Guild and The NM Poetry Society

Free Poem Requests. I also have a Chapbook, bookmarks, art prints, cards, and post cards (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) for sale. I also do Charity work for Churches with my art & poems. I also have Free Sample pamplets of my poetry available at the local library, Enchanted Grounds Coffee Shop, and the Old Pass Gallery. All Works copyright 2018-2019.

Price List:

Chapbook $8 (86 poems on 24 pages)

Custom Bookmark:

$2 non- laminated

$3 laminated

Bookmarks Template Page:

$3 non-laminated

$5 laminated

Post Cards: $3

Cards with envelopes: $5

Art Prints: $10-$15

Bookmark Template Set #1
Art Print: Ska Bird’s
Custom bookmark
Newest Bookmark
Birthday card
Custom bookmark
My Art Studio
Art Print #1
Art Print #2
Post Card
Custom Bookmark
Bookmark Template Set #2
Ska 2-Tone Birdhouse
Vet & P.O.W. & M.I.A. Special Bookmark Template

Bookmark Template Set #3
Spanish Missions Post Card
Baby Shower Invite Post Card
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